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We all are living in the sophisticated modern world without restricting to own citizenship, culture, religion, race or gender. Many have traveled hundred and thousand miles away from home due to educational, professional and family commitment. The communication technology has narrowed down the distance. Family life concept is changing. Many are living independent life because of own preference or family dependencies.

Though Men and Women can live independently, there is a need to bring like minded people together to give a shape to life and make it more beautiful, healthy and happy.

It is true that Education increases knowledge. More education means more gain of experience and academic qualifications. Educate does not mean success, but it shows the right path to success. However, attitude, the behaviour is the key, which gives 100% success. Education does not mean enlightenment; it improves understanding. Whereas, right attitude assist in getting enlightened. Therefore, developing a right attitude is equally or primarily more critical than becoming educated.

Attitude is not taught in school or universities. It is developed within families and a group of families which is called community. Therefore, it is important to be in a good society. The community imposes culture, traditional, religious or spiritual systems which also broadly influences attitude, which gets passed on from old generation to new generation.

Therefore, it is imperative to build own community of like-minded people;

  1. To develop the right attitude
  2. To be discipline impose discipline on others and;
  3. To serve the community as a role model, which can guide new generation the right path of a happy life.


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