Our Contribution

It is very fortunate for all of us to have regular meals every day even in such an unprecedented time, but there are lots of families out there that are sleeping hungry, having little or no food. The social and economic impact of the crisis has been huge and left many with worries about how to feed their families. Imagine, one of your family members hasn’t eaten for a day, and you are having a plate full of delicious food, how would you even ingest a single bite? knowing that they are hungry. The reality is, most of us are unaware that a part of our society has been left marginalized and deprived of basic necessities due to this Pandemic. In these hard times of Pandemic, we need to grow stronger as a society, coming together as one community.

Ambedkarite Buddhist Community (ABC) took the initiative and launched a campaign “COVID-19 relief funds” to collect the funds with an objective to provide financial support to the community affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We collected $1150 as a donation with the help of our generous ABC members and family friends. The initiative enabled us to provide 2300 meals to WA families through FoodBank Australia. With respect to this, FoodBank Australia has given us the certificate of thanks. We are very proud to be able to help those who need it the most and now more than ever.

ABC would also like to recognise the selfless efforts put in by Mr. Prakash Indorkar (ABC Member) who proposed this great cause to help COVID affected people and he made sure we achieve the set target. We always welcome and encourage such great initiatives by our members who lead us one step closer towards Humanity. 

Contribution makes community a better place. If you can contribute, why shouldn’t you!


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