About ABC

ABC is a not-for-profile  organisation for people who believe in humanity, equality, love, liberty and peace. It is a synonym of Ambedkarite Buddhist Community (hereafter referred as the Community).  The Community is based on Dr B.R. Ambedkar’s philosophy and Buddha’s teaching.  

The ABC was incorporated on 21st November 2019 in accordance with the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (the Act).

Our Vision

  • To bring an individual, like-minded people or families together and get recognition as a respected community organisation.
  • Promote humanity and equity values within the wider local communities.
  • Propogate Dr B. R. Ambedkar’s philosophy of equality, liberty and fraternity among Australian communities.
  • To offer selfless community services

Our Key Objectives

  1. To enable all like-minded individuals and families believing in Dr B.R. Ambedkar’s philosophy and Buddhism to form a modern community without caste, religion, race, gender or citizenship discrimination.
  2. To improve understanding of Buddhist philosophy and assist members in practising it.
  3. Gain access to local community groups to educate Dr Ambedkar’s contribution to reform social justice.
  4. To foster community with other organizations and societies with similar aims and objectives.
  5. To promote the core Buddhist and Ambedkar’s concept of “Peace”, “Love”,” Liberty” and “Equality.
  6. Work with members to identify recreational and leisure goals.
  7. Create awareness within communities about their social, economic and human rights.
  8. Assist members to achieve their dream, point of interest or hobbies.
  9. To organise a fundraising event to provide financial assistance to students in need to complete their educational goals.
  10. To reduce isolation and increase community participation in local or international events to support a similar cause.
  11. Increase confidence and self-respect
  12. Increase independence and social networks
  13. Generate fund through members contribution and community donations.
  14. Organise regular events for better physical, mental health and wellbeing.

Our Values

  • We work together and empower our members, families and children to achieve shared goals.
  • We share our knowledge and strive for positive change.
  • We always lead with honesty and empathy, and we celebrate success.
  • We act with love, kindness, humanity and value curiosity
  • We believe in self-respect and respect others
  • We are trustworthy. We are accountable, serve with integrity and learn from our mistakes.
  • We are supportive, and we share information, but we will challenge the status quo.
  • We always have open and honest communication. We listen, understand and treat others equally.

Our Community Services

  1. Free robotics workshop for young kids between 12-15 years of age
  2. Free guided meditation sessions
  3. Free guided Yoga sessions

Registered Office

11 Cale CT, Maddington
Western Australia – 6109


....... Heading towards Humanity, Equality, Love, Liberty & Peace


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