Covid-19 Fundraiser by Ambedkarite Buddhist Community (ABC)

Almost entire world is affected by unprecedented widespread of Corona Virus. Government has announced many safety measures and financial support to protect every citizen. Many Charity and not-for-profit organisations have come together to fight Covid-19, to raise fund and to extend support to the affected people to recover from financial and mental health stress.

ABC as a not-for-profile organisation also would like to extend our support to the people in need. Providing selfless community service is one the vision of ABC. Therefore, we would like to stand hand-in-hand with other organisations engaged in providing emergency relief assistance to the people in need.

The donation is not compulsory, it is an individual choice. At this stage, while we are developing a process of participating in such fundraising event and work out acceptable process, we urge every ABC members, friends and families to donate generously within your own means, extend your hand and get involved in one or the other ways to support people in Australia affected by COVID-19. Every dollar donated will be used to minimise the financial hardships of people in Australia affected by COVID-19.

How to Donate?

Follow the link “Donate Now” or click the button below and complete the online form. All funds raised through this fundraiser will directly be deposited by PayPal into AMBEDKARITE BUDDHIST COMMUNITY INCORPORATED Bank account. Your contribution will make a huge impact to bring a smile on face of people suffered due to Covid19.

Every donor will receive detail information regarding fund raised and how it was better utilised to mitigate the cause. We thank you for your support.

For more details, please contact Mr Manoj Kasare – President, Ambedkarite Buddhist Community (ABC) email:, Mobile: 0424244556.


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